Subaru Legacy vs. Nissan Altima


Sedan Superiority: The 2016 Subaru Legacy Faces Off with the 2016 Nissan Altima

When it comes to the next sedan you're going to be driving, you're pretty much sold. The 2016 Subaru Legacy has so much to offer across the board, and gives you a lot of flexibility and leeway to really enjoy the open road and get the most out of your experience. But whispers of the Nissan Altima, another 4-door sedan in the market, give you pause to reconsider which option matches what you're looking for.

Allow Ocala Subaru to settle the debate once and for all for you, with a comprehensive breakdown of how both these vehicles stack up against each other. In the end, you will find that one sedan clearly shines brighter than the other.

Legacy vs. Altima

Driving year round certainly isn't a problem with the Ocala Subaru, as every model comes standard in all-wheel drive. Heading across the country on a long road trip, you certainly will feel more confident with this vehicle's stability and control.

Stretch and really unwind with the ample front shoulder and hip room the Legacy offers, which are both more than the Altima can attest to. Your passengers along for the ride will be thrilled to take advantage of the extra passenger volume the Legacy holds over its counterpart.

When it comes to buying an affordable sedan you love, every single penny counts. That's why fans of Subaru will be happy to know this superior model comes at a lower invoice price, MSRP and estimated monthly payment than its competitor, giving you that extra icing on top of the cake you're looking for.

With better year-round driving, comfort, savings and much more, the Legacy handily takes care of the Altima when you put them side by side. This sedan can bring a new layer of excitement to your daily commutes and adventures, and is a vehicle we're excited to show you here at Ocala Subaru. Swing by our dealership today to learn more about what makes this model unique, and to check out the rest of our the Subaru vehicles we have in our showroom.

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