Subaru Forester vs Kia Sportage


We All Know the Subaru Forester is Great. But How Does it Stack up to the Kia Sportage?

We are well aware of the special traits that make up the 2016 Subaru Forester. This do-it-all SUV thrives in its well-rounded nature, from fuel efficiency to comfort and elite safety ratings. But how really special is it? We decided to put that question to the test by bringing in another SUV, the 2016 Kia Sportage, to compare. Here is how both vehicles fared when looking at the important components that are vital to your experience in a SUV.

Forester V. Sportage

Fuel Economy

The nod goes to the Forester in this category. This dynamic SUV beats out the Sportage in both city and highway driving, with 22 and 29 miles per gallon, respectively. It's clear you will be saving more money driving this vehicle around town than its challenger.


The Forester again takes the cake. With more front shoulder, leg, hip and head room, you should have no problem settling in to the cockpit before beginning your adventure. The Forester also beats out the Sportage in passenger comfort, with more passenger volume ready to accommodate all of your friends and family.


You guessed it. The Forester wins again, with superb safety ratings to its name and innovative safety features that can easily be utilized inside and outside of the vehicle. With safety being such an important element to consider when choosing an SUV to drive, this is a big victory for the Forester.

All things considered, the Forester handily beats its opponent, the Sportage. This vehicle has better fuel economy, more space, and is a safer option to drive. All of these components are important things to consider when choosing a year-round vehicle to operate.

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