Owning a vehicle comes with some responsibilities. You've spent a pretty penny on your vehicle and you want to make sure that you can see it through for many miles down the road. To do so, you have to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on it.

Some of the routine maintenance that your car requires includes tire rotations, tire alignments, battery checks, and oil changes. Changing your motor oil might be one of the most important scheduled maintenance to perform. Read on to learn more!

Importance of Routine Oil Changes

The more you drive your vehicle the more wear and dirt it receives. Inside your engine, several moving parts need proper lubrication in order to avoid any damage. This is where your motor oil comes into play. It works not only to lubricate the moving parts under the hood but also works to keep your engine cool that way it won't overheat.

You motor oil also helps remove engine wear particles and sludge. When dirt and sludge get mixed into your engine it can be detrimental to the overall health of your engine. Dirt can cause corrosion and decrease the life of your engine and as time goes on your oil breaks down and turns into sludge. That's why it is so important to routinely clean your oil and the filters to keep dirt and sludge out of your engine.

If you're looking to keep your vehicle for a longer period of time and get better gas mileage, you will want to keep up with routine services like oil changes. If you don't keep up with your routine maintenance on your vehicle, you run the risk of paying more for costly repairs. By keeping the moving parts in your engine clean you optimize your fuel consumption allowing you to pay less at the gas pump each visit.

How Often You Should Change Your Oil

Each vehicle is unique and requires different levels of service at different times but it is a good rule of thumb to change your motor oil every three months or 3,000 miles. However, some of our Subaru models can go as long as 7,000 miles before you have to get another oil change. At Ocala Subaru, we always encourage our customers to refer back to their owner's manual to ensure they're giving their vehicle the proper care it needs and deserves.

Online Scheduling Made Easy

At Ocala Subaru, we understand that each of our customers are busy and don't necessarily have the time to stop in at our Subaru dealership to schedule an automotive service and that's okay! With the help of our easy online scheduling system, you can book anything from a simple oil change to a complex body repair. All you have to do is go online and find what times work best for you and book!

Schedule an Oil Change at Ocala Subaru Today

If you'd like to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, we invite you to make the short drive to our Subaru dealership in Ocala. When you arrive one of our highly talented and trained technicians will work on your vehicle to ensure that it's driving as efficiently as possible. Stop by today and your Subaru will be back on the streets of Ocala in no time!

Feel free to peruse the available services we perform or check out our constantly rotating service specials. Otherwise, we invite you to schedule an oil change in Ocala with us today!

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