Subaru Competitive Comparison

Shining Above the Rest: What Makes a Subaru a Subaru

There can be some real uncertainties when it comes to shopping for the SUV, sedan, hatchback or hybrid of your dreams. You might not be sure why one make of vehicle is preferential over another, and what makes one brand stand above the rest. This level of uncertainty and doubt, however, can be put to bed completely the moment you come across a Subaru.

Subaru dominates its competitors through its elite level of versatility, something not a lot of vehicles have. One make of vehicle may be good in fuel efficiency, but really be lousy in other areas such as safety and comfort. Some of these safe, accommodating rides might suffer from a lack of performance and adaptability to changes in the seasons. For one reason or another, these competitors fall flat in a particular category. The ability to check off all of the boxes and deliver a mutli-faceted experience to customers is what makes Subaru stand out amongst the crowd.


So what are these unique characteristics that make Subaru such a special brand? It all starts with the design. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system comes standard in every Subaru vehicle, ensuring the entire lineup across the board is built to thrive year round and withstand any changes in the weather. Not many competitors can say all of their vehicles can do this. The SUBARU BOXER engine contributes to the overall annual performance, with in-line positioning deliver a maximum transfer of power that doesn't occur in competitor's transverse engines.


Subaru delivers an abundance of technological capabilities you can't find anywhere else. SUBARU STARLINK is the in-vehicle technology that provides you all of the entertainment options you could ever need, and is smartphone sync capable. With the digital capabilities in these vehicles, you'll never find yourself wanting more.


Subaru is well known for its phenomenal safety crash ratings and top of the line safety features. These innovative features include the EyeSight Technology, which looks out for you and provides braking if need be. The reason there are so many fans of Subaru is due to the reliability of these vehicles, and their ability to look out for your best interests.

As you now can tell, the well-rounded nature of Subaru gives it a leg up on all competitive SUVs and vehicles that try to stand up to it. We encourage you to stop into Ocala Subaru or give us a call to learn more about why Subaru is the option you need to go with. In the meantime, explore all of our new Subaru lineup.